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KIPAX Sports PhotographyKIPAX Action Photography

Tony (KIPAX) Greenwood, I am a Full time Freelance Sports Photographer based in Lancashire England.
I am licensed by various Sports leagues and organisations.
I carry a UK Press card, am fully Insured & DBS Registered.

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FILTER >> ASFC All >> ASFC Misc >> ASFC None league
 29th Jul 06 Partick Thistle v Accrington Stanley (Friendly)  
 26th Jul 06 Accy v Blackpool (Friendly)  
 25th Jul 06 Northwich v Accy (Friendly)  
 19th Jul 06 Accy v Blackburn Rovers (Friendly)  
 15th Jul 06 Bootle v Accy (Friendly)  
 12th Jul 06 Alsager v Accy (Friendly)  
 8th Jul 06 Accy v Burnley (Freindly)  
 2nd May 06 Accy XI v Burnley XI (Cook Testimonial)  
 29th Apr 06 Kidderminster v Accy  
 22nd Apr 06 Accy v Tamworth  
 17th Apr 06 Accy v Scarborough  
 15th Apr 06 The moment ASFC won League Status  
 15th Apr 06 Woking v Accy  
 7th Apr 06 FGR v Accy  
 1st Apr 06 Accy v Grays  
 25th Mar 06 York City v Accy  
 21st Mar 06 Southport v Accy  
 18th Mar 06 Accy v Stevenage  
 11th Mar 06 Hereford v Accy  
 7th Mar 06 Aldershot v Accy  
 4th Mar 06 Crawley v Accy  
 28th Feb 06 Accy v Southport (Lanc Cup)  
 25th Feb 06 Accy v Burton  
 20th Feb 06 Accy v Morecambe  
 17th Feb 06 Gravesend v Accy  
 14th Feb 06 Burscough v Accy (Lanc Cup QF)  
 11th Feb 06 Accy v Dagenham  
 7th Feb 06 Worksop v Accy (FAT3R)  
 4th Feb 06 Accy v Worksop (FA T)  
 30th Jan 06 Exeter v Accy  
 21st Jan 06 Accy v Cambridge Utd  
 14th Jan 06 Carshalton v Accy (FAT 2)  
 10th Jan 06 Tamworth v Accy  
 7th Jan 06 Canvey Island v Accy  
 2nd Jan 06 Accy v Halifax  
 26th Dec 05 Halifax v Accy  
 17th Dec 05 Accrington v Altrincham (FA Trophy R1)  
 10th Dec 05 Accy v Kidderminster  
 3rd Dec 05 Accrington v Altrincham  
 26th Nov 05 Accy v Southport  
 18th Nov 05 Accy v FGR  
 12th Nov 05 Grays v Accy  
 29th Oct 05 Accy v York  
 24th Oct 05 Worcester v Accy (FAC 4QR)  
 22nd Oct 05 Accy v Worcester (FA Cup 4Q)  
 18th Oct 05 Rotherham v Accy (LDV)  
 15th Oct 05 Stevenage v Accy  
 7th Oct 05 Accy v Hereford  
 1st Oct 05 Accy v Gravesend  
 27th Sep 05 Morecambe v Accy  
 24th Sep 05 Dagenham v Accy  
 20th Sep 05 Accy v Aldershot  
 17th Sep 05 Accy v Crawley  
 10th Sep 05 Burton v Accy (First Half only) (633) 
 6th Sep 05 Accy v Great Harwood (Hyndburn Trophy)  
 3rd Sep 05 Accy v Woking  
 29th Aug 05 Scarborough v Accy  
 27th Aug 05 Accy v Exeter City  
 20th Aug 05 Cambridge Utd v Accy  
 16th Aug 05 Altrincham v Accy  
 13th Aug 05 Accy v Canvey Island  
 6th Aug 05 Accy v Stalybridge  
 3rd Aug 05 Accy v Wigan Athletic  
 30th Jul 05 Dundonald v Accy  
 26th Jul 05 Arnold Town v Accy  
 23rd Jul 05 Accy v Barrow  
 20th Jul 05 Accy v Burnley  
 19th Jul 05 Accrington Stanley v PNEFC  
 14th Jul 05 Radcliffe Burough v Accy  
 26th Apr 05 [H] Burscough (Marsden Final)  
 23rd Apr 05 [A] Hereford  
 19th Apr 05 [H] Aldershot  
 16th Apr 05 [A] Woking  
 13th Apr 05 [A] Burscough (Marsden Trophy)  
 9th Apr 05 [H] Stevenage Borough  
 5th Apr 05 [A] Stalybridge (GLS Cup)  
 2nd Apr 05 [A] Crawley town  
 28th Mar 05 [H] York City  
 25th Mar 05 [A] Burton Albion  
 22nd Mar 05 [A] Canvey island  
 19th Mar 05 [H] Morecambe  
 12th Mar 05 [A] Carlisle Utd  
 8th Mar 05 [H] Northwich Vic (GLS Cup)  
 5th Mar 05 [H] Forest Green Rovers  
 28th Feb 05 [H] Bamber Bridge (Marsden Trophy - SF)  
 22nd Feb 05 [H] Halifax Town  
 19th Feb 05 [H] Barnet  
 12th Feb 05 [A] Exeter City  
 8th Feb 05 [H] Tamworth (GLS Cup)  
 5th Feb 05 [H] Scarborough  
 1st Feb 05 [A] Morecambe (Marsden Trophy QF)  
 25th Jan 05 [H] York City (GLS Cup R3)  
 22nd Jan 05 [A] Tamworth  
 18th Jan 05 [A] Hereford (FA Trophy Replay)  
 15th Jan 05 [H] Hereford utd (FA Trophy R3)  
 11th Jan 05 [A] Atherton LR (Marsden Trophy)  
 8th Jan 05 [H] Farnborough  
 3rd Jan 05 [A] Halifax Town  
 28th Dec 04 [A] Gravesend & Northfleet  
 18th Dec 04 [H] Dagenham and Redbridge  
 11th Dec 04 [A] Leigh RMI  
 7th Dec 04 [H] Carlisle Utd  
 4th Dec 04 [A] Forest Green Rovers  
 27th Nov 04 [H] Canvey Island  
 20th Nov 04 [A] Barnet  
 13th Nov 04 [H] Northwich Victoria  
 6th Nov 04 [H] Exeter City  
 2nd Nov 04 [A] Oldham Athletic (LDV)  
 30th Oct 04 [H] Leigh RMI (FACUP4Q)  
 23rd Oct 04 [A] Scarborough  
 16th Oct 04 [A] Aldershot Town  
 11th Oct 04 [H] Hereford Utd  
 5th Oct 04 Accy v Tamworth  
 2nd Oct 04 [A] Farnborough Town  
 29th Sep 04 [A] Bradford City (LDV)  
 25th Sep 04 [H] Gravesend  
 21st Sep 04 [A] Northwich Victoria  
 18th Sep 04 [H] Leigh RMI  
 11th Sep 04 [A] Dagenham & Redbridge  
 4th Sep 04 [H] Woking  
 31st Aug 04 [A] York City  
 28th Aug 04 [H] Crawley Town  
 21st Aug 04 [A] Stevenage Borough  
 17th Aug 04 [A] Morecambe  
 14th Aug 04 [H] Burton Albion  
 9th Aug 04 [H] Great Harwood (VMI Trophy)  
 7th Aug 04 [A] Southport (Friendly)  
 31st Jul 04 [H] Wolves XI (Friendly)  
 28th Jul 04 [A] Harrogate Railway (Friendly)  
 26th Jul 04 [H] Crewe Alexandra (Friendly)  
 24th Jul 04 Jamie Speare Testimonial  
 22nd Jul 04 Accrington Stanley v Preston N.E. (Friendly)  
 17th Jul 04 [H] Stafford Rangers (Friendly)  
 14th Jul 04 [H] Rochdale (Friendly)  
 5th May 04 Morecambe Res v Accy Res (Lancs Cup Final)  
 24th Apr 04 [A] Exeter City  
 17th Apr 04 [H] Gravesend & Northfleet  
 12th Apr 04 [A] Scarborough  
 10th Apr 04 [H] Forest Green Rovers  
 8th Apr 04 [A] Telford  
 6th Apr 04 [A] Morecambe (Marsden trophy Final)  
 3rd Apr 04 [H] Chester City  
 30th Mar 04 [H] Morecambe (Marsden final 1st Leg)  
 27th Mar 04 Leigh RMI Res v Accy Res (Lanc cup SF)  
 20th Mar 04 [H] Stevenage Borough  
 16th Mar 04 [A] Margate (In Dover)  
 13th Mar 04 [A] Hereford United  
 6th Mar 04 [H] Halifax Town  
 28th Feb 04 [A] Farnborough Town (758) 
 21st Feb 04 [H] Northwich Victoria  
 17th Feb 04 [H] Radcliffe Borough (Marsden SF)  
 14th Feb 04 [A] Woking  
 7th Feb 04 [H] Dagenham & Redbridge  
 24th Jan 04 [A] Burton Albion  
 20th Jan 04 [H] Tamworth (764) 
 17th Jan 04 Shrews Fans v Accy Fans (765) 
 17th Jan 04 [A] Shrewsbury Town  
 13th Jan 04 [A] Colchester (FACUP 3 Rep)  
 10th Jan 04 [A] Burton Albion (FA Trophy)  
 6th Jan 04 [H] Fleetwood (Lanc Trophy R2)  
 3rd Jan 04 [H] Colchester Utd (FACUP 3)  
 1st Jan 04 [A] Morecambe  
 26th Dec 03 [H] Morecambe  
 20th Dec 03 [A] Leigh RMI  
 15th Dec 03 [H] AFCBournemouth (FACUP 2 Rep)  
 13th Dec 03 [H] Aldershot Town  
 6th Dec 03 [A] AFCBournemouth (FACUP 2)  
 29th Nov 03 [H] Barnet  
 25th Nov 03 [A] Chester  
 22nd Nov 03 [H] Telford  
 15th Nov 03 [A] Stevenage Borough  
 11th Nov 03 [H] Hereford United  
 10th Nov 03 [H] Huddersfield (FACUP 1)  
 1st Nov 03 [A] Gravesend and Northfleet  
 25th Oct 03 [H] Leigh RMI (FACUP 4Q) (787) 
 18th Oct 03 [H] Exeter City (789) 
 11th Oct 03 [H] Farnborough Town (790) 
 7th Oct 03 [A] Halifax Town (791) 
 4th Oct 03 [A] Northwich Victoria (792) 
 28th Sep 03 [H] Woking  
 20th Sep 03 [A] Dagenham & Redbridge (794) 
 13th Sep 03 [H] Margate  
 6th Sep 03 [A] Barnet  
 30th Aug 03 [A] Tamworth  
 25th Aug 03 [H] Scarborough  
 23rd Aug 03 [A] Forest Green Rovers  
 16th Aug 03 Accy Fans v Shrews Fans  
 16th Aug 03 [H] Shrewsbury Town  
 13th Aug 03 [H] Leigh RMI  
 10th Aug 03 [A] Aldershot  
 24th Jul 03 [A] Marine (Friendly) (805) 
 19th Jul 03 [H] Rochdale (Friendly) (806) 
 15th Jul 03 [H] Blackpool (Friendly)  
 13th Jul 03 [A] Radcliffe Borough (Friendly)  
 3rd May 03 [H] Marine (UniBond Challenge Shield)  
 26th Apr 03 [H] Hyde Utd  
 19th Apr 03 [A] Gainsborough  
 15th Apr 03 [A] Vauxhall Motors  
 12th Apr 03 [H] Altrincham  
 6th Apr 03 [A] Whitby  
 5th Apr 03 [A] Droylsden  
 1st Apr 03 [A] Blyth Spartans  
 22nd Mar 03 Accrington Stanley v Whitby  
 15th Mar 03 [A] Lancaster City  
 1st Mar 03 [H] Blyth Spartans  
 22nd Feb 03 [A] Worksop (825) 
 15th Feb 03 [H] Northwich Victoria Res (Friendly)  
 8th Feb 03 [H] Harrogate Town  
 1st Feb 03 [A] Runcorn  
 25th Jan 03 [A] Burscough  
 18th Jan 03 [H] Marine (Match Ball Sponsor Julie) (830) 
 11th Jan 03 [A] Gateshead  
 28th Dec 02 [H] Gainsborough  
 26th Dec 02 [M] Whitby Away (Postponed) (833) 
 21st Dec 02 [A] Hucknall  
 14th Dec 02 [H] Bradford Park Ave (ASSC Party) (836) 
 7th Dec 02 [A] Wakefield and Emley  
 30th Nov 02 [A] Tamworth (FAT 2)  
 24th Nov 02 [A] Hyde United  
 16th Nov 02 [H] Hucknall  
 2nd Nov 02 [A] Barrow  
 26th Oct 02 [A] Frickley Athletic  
 19th Oct 02 [H] Worksop  
 15th Oct 02 [A] Harrogate Town (FAC 3Q Replay)  
 12th Oct 02 [H] Harrogate town (FAC 3Q)  
 5th Oct 02 [A] Bradford Park Avenue  
 28th Sep 02 [H] Billingham Town (FAC 2Q)  
 24th Sep 02 [A] Ashton Utd  
 21st Sep 02 [H] Wakefield and Emley  
 14th Sep 02 [H] Droylsden