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KIPAX Sports PhotographyKIPAX Action Photography

Tony (KIPAX) Greenwood, Full time Sports Photographer based in Hyndburn,Lancashire, England.
I am licensed by various Sports leagues and organisations.
I carry a UK Press card, am fully Insured & DBS Registered.

Martial Arts, Boxing, Wrestl and MMA Photography
Martial Arts, Boxing, Wrestl and MMA Photography
 28th Feb 20 BOXING KOKORO (5649) 
 2nd Nov 19 KGH BOXING - Jack McGann v Rafal Jackwicz  
 2nd Nov 19 KGH BOXING - Artif Ali v Zeeshan Khan  
 2nd Nov 19 KGH BOXING - Josh Holmes v Jamie Quinn  
 2nd Nov 19 KGH BOXING - Omar Dusary v Nabil Ahmed  
 2nd Nov 19 KGH BOXING - Aaron Hayden v Luke Fash  
 12th Oct 19 HYNDBURN - KOKORO Boxing Show Bits  
 12th Oct 19 HYNDBURN - Morton v Daley  
 12th Oct 19 HYNDBURN - Forshaw v Leigh  
 12th Oct 19 HYNDBURN - Gigson v Payne  
 12th Oct 19 HYNDBURN - Newton v Reesse  
 12th Oct 19 HYNDBURN - Clarke v Dwyer  
 12th Oct 19 HYNDBURN - Mackenzie v Ashton  
 12th Oct 19 HYNDBURN - Dewhurst v Dennett  
 12th Oct 19 HYNDBURN - Gardiner v Gregory  
 12th Oct 19 HYNDBURN - Blow v Sturdy  
 12th Oct 19 HYNDBURN - White v Roberts  
 12th Oct 19 HYNDBURN - H'Hare v Burnett  
 12th Oct 19 HYNDBURN - Keenan v Pickering  
 12th Oct 19 HYNDBURN - Palmer v Pickford  
 12th Oct 19 HYNDBURN - Plant v Kope  
 12th Oct 19 HYNDBURN - Winters v Taylor  
 12th Oct 19 HYNDBURN - Fearon v King  
 7th Jun 19 DARWEN BOXING Show - Boyle v Grabolski  
 7th Jun 19 DARWEN BOXING Show - Mackenzie v Taylor  
 7th Jun 19 DARWEN BOXING Show - Lang v Foley  
 7th Jun 19 DARWEN BOXING Show - Dean v France  
 7th Jun 19 DARWEN BOXING Show - Stevie Taylor v Jones  
 7th Jun 19 DARWEN BOXING Show - Whiteoak v Evans  
 7th Jun 19 DARWEN BOXING Show - Clark v Staffa  
 7th Jun 19 DARWEN BOXING Show - Boyle v Shaw  
 7th Jun 19 DARWEN BOXING Show - Blackledge v Woods  
 7th Jun 19 DARWEN BOXING Show - Clarke v Bagshaw  
 13th Apr 19 KOKORO Boxing show Path to the Future  
 23rd Mar 19 BATTLE WIGAN 4 - Teejay Dale v K Van Zelst  
 23rd Mar 19 BATTLE WIGAN 4 - Rio Van Zeist v Sam Bevan  
 23rd Mar 19 BATTLE WIGAN 4 - Mark Johnson v Shaun Howden  
 23rd Mar 19 BATTLE WIGAN 4 - Deacon Davock v Ben Fulches  
 23rd Mar 19 BATTLE WIGAN 4 - Michael Cole v Carl Bradley  
 23rd Mar 19 BATTLE WIGAN 4 - Declan Ellis v Darius Teiserskis  
 23rd Mar 19 BATTLE WIGAN 4 - Dalton John v Regan Brown  
 23rd Mar 19 BATTLE WIGAN 4 - John Berry v Lennon Blemmings  
 23rd Mar 19 BATTLE WIGAN 4 - Keely Battrick v Alyssa Bristow  
 23rd Mar 19 BATTLE WIGAN 4 - Kieran Unsworth v Henry Leeman  
 29th Nov 18 Keely Battrick Kickboxing Photo shoot. (5334) 
 14th Nov 18 Keely Battrick World Champion photo shoot (5327) 
 13th Oct 18 KOKORO Home Show (BOXING KB)  
 10th Oct 18 KOKORO Pro Boxer Shoot (5229) 
 20th Sep 18 Roche BOXING Club (Feature shoot)  
 12th May 18 BOXING Hassle at Castle (Clitheroe)  
 8th Dec 17 TECHNIQUE Amateur Boxing Show  
 4th Nov 17 BOXING Sports KOKORO  
 8th Sep 17 BOXING Technique Abc Home Show  
 3rd Jun 17 KGH Charity Boxing  
 16th Apr 17 BOXING Clayton ABC (Audley 12-6)  
 8th Apr 17 KGH Boxing Weigh In (12 - 2pm)  
 11th Mar 17 BOXING Guild Hall Preston  
 2nd Mar 17 Daniel & Keely Battrick  
 25th Feb 17 NW Area age banded JUDO CHmpionships  
 20th Jan 17 Ramsey Ace Kick Boxing Club (Feature)  
 3rd Dec 16 BOXING Audley KOKORO  
 1st Dec 16 Blackburn Predetors (Focussed Youth)  
 18th Nov 16 BOXING Anthony leak v Christian Gomez  
 18th Nov 16 BOXING Shakeeb Ali v Qasim Hussain  
 18th Nov 16 BOXING Omar Dusary v  
 18th Nov 16 BOXING Jordan Thompson v Florians Strupits  
 18th Nov 16 BOXING Luke Willis v Kristian Laight (4378) 
 18th Nov 16 BOXING Declan West v Yaddollah Ghasemi  
 18th Nov 16 BOXING Kofi Yeats v Ibrar Riyaz (4377) 
 22nd Oct 16 Pro Boxing (Macron Stadium Bolton)  
 1st Oct 16 KOKORO Boxing/KB  
 8th Sep 16 Joe burns 6th Dan Judo  
 16th Jun 16 Beach Judokwai JUDO Masterclass  
 28th May 16 White Collar BOXING (Dunkenhalgh)  
 9th Apr 16 KOKORO Boxing KB Show  
 7th Nov 15 England Top team - Opening night  
 3rd Oct 15 Boxing KB (Audley Blackburn)  
 30th May 15 BOXING Chris Monaghan v Kev McCauley  
 30th May 15 BOXING Qasim Niaz v Kristian Laight  
 4th Apr 15 BOXING Alex McCloy v Mick Mills  
 4th Apr 15 BOXING Isaac lowe v Jamie Quinn  
 4th Apr 15 BOXING A.J.Faizy v Krzysztof Szot  
 4th Apr 15 BOXING Shakeeb Ali v Jack heath  
 4th Apr 15 BOXING Adam Machaj v D. O'Loughlin  
 4th Apr 15 BOXING Luke Blackledge v Liam Cameron (TITLE)  
 27th Sep 14  Caged Predators 1 (MMA)  
 6th Sep 14 BOXING King Georges Hall Blackburn  
 6th Sep 14 Luke Blackledge v Philip Kotey (WBC Int title)  
 11th Apr 14 BOXING Luke Blackledge v Jody Meikle  
 11th Apr 14 BOXING Kurt Greave v Disney Huni  
 11th Apr 14 BOXING Colne Muni The Fans  
 11th Apr 14 BOXING Qasim Niaz v D Mitchell  
 11th Apr 14 BOXING Shayne SIngleton v Fazekas  
 11th Apr 14 BOXING Atif Mushtaq v Dann Carr  
 29th Mar 14 BOXING Daniel Watson v Jamie Zaszlos  
 29th Mar 14 BOXING Qasim Niaz v Danny Donchev  
 14th Mar 14 BOXING East Lancs Hospice v Clayton ABC  
 19th Feb 14 Qasim Niaz Boxing shoot (3099) 
 7th Feb 14 Apex MMA First night Training  
 10th Jan 14  World Tae Kwondo Competitor Sportrait shoot.  
 6th Dec 13 BOXING Haidher Riaz v Kevin Mcauley  
 6th Dec 13 BOXING Shayne Singleton v Leon Findley  
 6th Dec 13 BOXING Artif Ali v Kristian Laight  
 6th Dec 13 BOXING Stevie Taylor v Roslandas cesna  
 6th Dec 13 BOXING Atif Mushtaq v Carl Allen (plus Laight)  
 6th Dec 13 BOXING Qasim Niaz v Jamie Zazlos  
 8th Nov 13 BOXING Beechwood Blackburn  
 12th Oct 13 BOXING Luke Blackledge v Iain Jackson  
 12th Oct 13 BOXING Haidher Riaz v Liam Griffiths  
 12th Oct 13 BOXING AJ Faizy v Ollie Rainbird  
 12th Oct 13 BOXING Danny Watson v William Warburton  
 12th Oct 13 BOXING Qasim Niaz v Carl Allen  
 12th Oct 13 BOXING Stevie Taylor v OHagan  
 29th Sep 13 Fit 2 Fight KICKBOXING Comp  
 17th Sep 13 Love Boxing Club - Open Evening  
 20th Jul 13 BOXING Adam Ismail v Matt Seawright  
 20th Jul 13 BOXING Tomi Tatham v James Tucker  
 20th Jul 13 BOXING Luke Blackledge v Alistair Warren  
 20th Jul 13 BOXING Stevie Taylor v Lee kellett  
 20th Jul 13 BOXING Shayne Singleton v Kevin McAuley  
 20th Jul 13 BOXING Jack Massey v Jodie Miekle  
 30th Jun 13 KABADDI Wrestling Accrington  
 21st Jun 13 Blackburn Beechwood BOXING Bouts 9-11  
 21st Jun 13 Blackburn Beechwood BOXING Bouts 5-8  
 21st Jun 13 Blackburn Beechwood BOXING Bouts 1-4  
 18th Mar 13 KOKORO Training  
 8th Mar 13 BOXING Woodhouse v Singleton (English title)  
 8th Mar 13 BOXING @ Bowlers Manchester Bouts 5-7  
 8th Mar 13 BOXING @ Bowlers Manchester Bouts 1-4  
 23rd Feb 13 KICKBOXING Kasser v Jones (Commonwealth title)  
 23rd Feb 13 Kick Boxing (Audley Blackburn) PART 4/4  
 23rd Feb 13 Kick Boxing (Audley Blackburn) PART 3/4  
 23rd Feb 13 Kick Boxing (Audley Blackburn) PART 2/4  
 23rd Feb 13 Kick Boxing (Audley Blackburn) PART 1/4  
 19th Jan 13 Bert Myers BOXING Event PART 3 (2638) 
 19th Jan 13 Bert Myers BOXING Event PART 2 (2637) 
 19th Jan 13 Bert Myers BOXING Event PART 1 (2636) 
 30th Nov 12 Hyndburn Hitmen Fights 7,8  
 30th Nov 12 Hyndburn Hitmen Fights 9,10,11  
 30th Nov 12 Hyndburn Hitmen Fights 4,5,6  
 30th Nov 12 Hyndburn Hitmen Fights 1,2,3  
 17th Nov 12 Fit to Fight KICKBOXING Donnelly v Barker (British Title)  
 17th Nov 12 Fit to Fight KICKBOXING (FIGHTS 17,18,19)  
 17th Nov 12 Fit to Fight KICKBOXING (FIGHTS 14,15,16)  
 17th Nov 12 Fit to Fight KICKBOXING (FIGHTS 10,11,12,13)  
 17th Nov 12 Fit to Fight KICKBOXING (FIGHTS 7,8 and 9)  
 7th Oct 12 BOXING Jenkinson v Ashmold  
 7th Oct 12 BOXING Shayne Singleton v Santos Medrano  
 7th Oct 12 BOXING Danny Watson v Vaclav Skromach  
 7th Oct 12 BOXING Luke Blackledge v Carl Wild  
 27th Jul 12 KOKORO Boxing Tournament (Hyndburn Sports)  
 30th Jun 12 BOXING Wayne Adeniyi v Phil Goodwin  
 30th Jun 12 BOXING Ryan Farrag v Ian Bailey  
 30th Jun 12 BOXING Kenny Anderson v Ruslans Pojonisevs  
 20th Jun 12 KOKORO Training (June 2012)  
 18th May 12 BOXING Sam Omidi V Billy Smith  
 18th May 12 BOXING Alex Rutter v Delroy Spencer  
 18th May 12 BOXING Shayne Singleton v Mark McKray  
 4th May 12 KOKORO Training (Cavan Hughes)  
 25th Mar 12 BOXING Ali v Pearce (British Lightweight EBF Title)  
 25th Mar 12 BOXING Palmer v Whahl  
 25th Mar 12 BOXING Dave Bridges v Andy Davis  
 25th Mar 12 BOXING Rea v Darnell  
 25th Mar 12 BOXING Pickering v Leah  
 25th Mar 12 BOXING Clint Greave v Andy Lee  
 25th Mar 12 BOXING Ali Shah v Jack Butler  
 25th Mar 12 BOXING Barnes v Phillips  
 25th Mar 12 BOXING Hodgson v Tierney  
 25th Mar 12 BOXING Nazcatov v Hewitt  
 25th Mar 12 BOXING Artif Ali v Danny Johnson  
 25th Mar 12 BOXING Nay Buckley v Awaiz Zaman  
 25th Mar 12 BOXING Raife Siddiq v Saul Glasspool  
 25th Mar 12 BOXING Sweeney v Worral  
 25th Mar 12 BOXING Kokoro at Gisburn (Misc)  
 3rd Mar 12 BOXING Curtis v O'Neill Middleweight Title  
 25th Feb 12 BOXING Marvin Greaves v John Connoly  
 25th Feb 12 BOXING Grainger v Wilson (Crusierweight title)  
 25th Feb 12 BOXING Sam Omidi v Nick Coret  
 25th Feb 12 BOXING Matthew Ryan v Billy Smith  
 25th Feb 12 BOXING Anthony Smith v Delroy Spencer  
 25th Feb 12 BOXING Luke Blackledge v Robert Studzinski  
 16th Dec 11 BOXING Blackledge v Walker at Colne  
 16th Dec 11 BOXING Singleton v Greaves at Colne  
 16th Dec 11 BOXING Bennett v Patterson at Colne  
 16th Dec 11 BOXING Various at Colne  
 16th Dec 11 BOXING Smith v Naylor at Colne  
 6th Nov 11 JUDO Special with Craig Fallon AFT  
 6th Nov 11 JUDO Special with Craig Fallon MORN  
 29th Oct 11 Irlam BA v St Francis BC BOXING 1/4  
 29th Oct 11 Irlam BA v St Francis BC BOXING 2/4  
 29th Oct 11 Irlam BA v St Francis BC BOXING 3/4  
 29th Oct 11 Irlam BA v St Francis BC BOXING 4/4  
 10th Jul 11 BOXING Anderson v Rae  
 10th Jul 11 BOXING Goodwin v Blackledge  
 10th Jul 11 BOXING Singleton v Warburton  
 10th Jul 11 BOXING Ali Shah v Carl Allen  
 17th Jun 11 BOXING Blackburn v NW Part 3  
 17th Jun 11 BOXING Blackburn v NW Part 2  
 17th Jun 11 BOXING Blackburn v NW Part 1  
 6th Feb 11 KICKBOXING Fight Rite (Bout 5-10 )  
 6th Feb 11 KICKBOXING Fight Rite (Bout 11-17)  
 6th Feb 11 KICKBOXING Fight Rite (Bout 18-24)  
 6th Feb 11 KICKBOXING Fight Rite (Bout 31 - 32)  
 6th Feb 11 KICKBOXING Fight Rite (Bouts 1-4)  
 24th Jan 11 BOXING Brian Roche club Burnley  
 5th Dec 10 MMA League (Northern)  
 5th Dec 10 KICKBOXING Ramsey's Ace Club  
 21st Nov 10 Alfs Blackbelt Academy  
 21st Nov 10 KICKBOXING Fit to Fight club  
 21st Nov 10 KICKBOXING Kokora Club  
 12th Nov 10 BOXING Blackburn Darwen (Bout 12)  
 12th Nov 10 BOXING Blackburn Darwen (Bouts 1-3)  
 12th Nov 10 BOXING Blackburn Darwen (Bout 6)  
 29th Oct 10 BOXING Sandygate Fight Night (Bout 13)  
 29th Oct 10 BOXING Sandygate Fight Night (Bouts 2-5)  
 29th Oct 10 BOXING Sandygate Fight Night (Bouts 6-9)  
 29th Oct 10 BOXING Sandygate Fight Night (Bouts 10-12)  
 29th Oct 10 BOXING Sandygate Fight Night (Bout 1)  
 18th Jul 10 KABADDI Accrington Tournament  
 3rd Jun 10 BOXING Ilyas Khan v Witherspoon  
 3rd Jun 10 BOXING Jason Curtis v Shaun Law  
 3rd Jun 10 BOXING Khan v Witherspoon (Room pics)  
 3rd Jun 10 BOXING Robinson v O'Hagen  
 3rd Jun 10 BOXING Cumberbach v Scott  
 7th May 10 BOXING Ilyas Khan Training  
 20th Feb 10 MMA Cage Conflict (Hyndburn)  
 18th Oct 09 MMA Cage Fights (Hyndburn)