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KIPAX Sports PhotographyKIPAX Action Photography

Tony (KIPAX) Greenwood, I am a Full time Freelance Sports Photographer based in Lancashire England.
I am licensed by various Sports leagues and organisations.
I carry a UK Press card, am fully Insured & DBS Registered.

KIPAX Photography Most recent Galleries
KIPAX Sports Photography
 19th Nov 18 Hyndburn Schools Football (Girls y5&6) (5318)
 18th Nov 18 Blackburn Hawks v Silihull Barons (IH) (5308)
 18th Nov 18 Chorley v Burnley (Womens Lancs Cup) (5241)
 18th Nov 18 Chorley Fire 10k (5329)
 17th Nov 18 Accrington Stanley v Barnsley [MASCOTS] (5332)
 17th Nov 18 Accrington Stanley v Barnsley
 17th Nov 18 Clayton Park Rangers v Brierfield Celtic (u14)
 16th Nov 18 Lancashire v Humberside (u18s)
 15th Nov 18 Blackburn Schools y3 4 Dodgeball Festival
 14th Nov 18 Keely Battrick World Champion photo shoot (5327)
 13th Nov 18 Blackpool v Accrington Stanley
 11th Nov 18 Blackburn Hawks v Sutton Sting (IH)
 11th Nov 18 Chorley v Doncaster Rovers (FA Cup) (5244)
 11th Nov 18 Crown Paints v Moorgate (BSL)
 10th Nov 18 Accrington Stanley v Colchester Utd (FA Cup)
 10th Nov 18 Blackburn Eagles v AFC Fylde (u11s)
 7th Nov 18 Rochdale AFC v Leicester City U21
 6th Nov 18 Accrington Stanley v West Brom u21
 6th Nov 18 Blackburn Schools JUBILEE Finals
 4th Nov 18 ASFC Fireworks & Funfair (5194)
 4th Nov 18 Blackburn CSC Ladies v PNE
 4th Nov 18 St Josephs v Rossendale Valley (u12s)
 4th Nov 18 Through the Villages Race (Wheelton) (5245)
 3rd Nov 18 Coventry City v Accrington Stanley
 30th Oct 18 Accrington Stanley v Bury (lancs cup)
 28th Oct 18 Mill Hill v AFC Darwen (u16)
 28th Oct 18 Accrington 10k
 27th Oct 18 Blackburn Hawks v Hull Pirates (IH)
 27th Oct 18 Accrington Stanley v Portsmouth MASCOTS
 27th Oct 18 Accrington Stanley v Portsmouth
 27th Oct 18 Halloween Mucker (Juniors) (5108)
 23rd Oct 18 Luton town v Accrington Stanley
 21st Oct 18 Blackburn Hawks v Sheffield Steeldogs (IH)
 21st Oct 18 Feniscowles v Barrowford Celtic (u18)
 21st Oct 18 Whinney Hill Colts v Great Harwood Rovers
 20th Oct 18 Peterborough United v Accrington Stanley
 16th Oct 18 Darwen primary Schools Cross Country
 14th Oct 18 Blackburn Hawks v Nottingham Lions (IH)
 14th Oct 18 Darwen Rangers v Bacup (u12s)
 13th Oct 18 KOKORO Home Show (BOXING KB)
 13th Oct 18 Accrington Stanley v Bradford city MASCOTS
 13th Oct 18 Accrington Stanley v Bradford City
 10th Oct 18 KOKORO Pro Boxer Shoot (5229)
 9th Oct 18 Accrington Stanley v Macclesfield Town
 8th Oct 18 Four Weddings & an Elvis (Ossy Players)
 7th Oct 18 Blackburn Hawks v Whitley Warriors(IH)
 7th Oct 18 Ramsbottom Rake Cycle race
 7th Oct 18 Rising Sun v Crown Paints (BSL)
 6th Oct 18 Shrewsbury town v Accrington Stanley
 4th Oct 18 Hyndburn/RV Primary Schools Cross Country
 19th NovHyndburn Schools Football (Girls y5&6) (5318)Mon 4.00PM
 20th NovStanley shirt givaway (5328)Tue 10.00AM
 21st NovLancashire SFA v Fleetwood Town (Boys u14) (5239)Wed 7.30PM
 22nd NovAshton Mersey v Queensland (AU) u15s (5301)Thu 2.00PM
 23rd NovManchester Futsal Queensland (AU) u15s (5302)Fri 4.00PM
 24th NovBurnley Coaching Queensland (AU) u15s (5303)Sat 9.30AM
 24th NovRochdale v Accrington Stanley (5222)Sat 3.00PM
 25th NovScotland Youth v Queensland (AU) u15s (5304)Sun 12.30PM
 26th NovFalkirk v Queensland (AU) u15s (5305)Mon 4.00PM
 27th NovAccrington Stanley v Wycombe Wanderers (5273)Tue 7.45PM
 28th NovHyndburn Primary Schools Sportshall Ath (5236)Wed 1.00PM
 28th NovWest Riding FA Academy v Queensland (AU) u15s (5306)Wed 7.30PM
 1st DecBlackburn Schools Secondry Cross Country (5319)Sat 9.00AM
 2nd DecBlackburn Hawks v Solway Sharks (IH) (5309)Sun 5.30PM
 4th DecAccrington Stanley v Lincoln City (checkatrade) (5331)Tue 7.45PM
 5th DecBurnley Schools Sportshall borough Finals (5321)Wed 4.00PM
 8th DecAccrington Stanley v Sunderland (5274)Sat 3.00PM
 9th DecBlackburn Hawks v Nottingham Lions (IH) (5310)Sun 5.30PM
 12th DecHyndburn Primary schools Santa Dash (5320)Wed 1.00PM
 15th DecSouthend Utd v Accrington Stanley (5275)Sat 3.00PM
 17th DecHyndburn Primary Schools Curling (5322)Mon 4.00PM
 22nd DecPlymouth Argyle v Accrington Stanley (5276)Sat 3.00PM
 26th DecAccrington Stanley v Shrewsbury Town (5277)Wed 3.00PM
 29th DecAccrington Stanley v Peterborough Utd (5278)Sat 3.00PM
 29th DecBlackburn Hawks v Hull Pirates (IH) (5311)Sat 6.00PM
 1st JanBradford City v Accrington Stanle (5279)Tue 3.00PM
 5th JanGillingham v Accrington Stanley (5280)Sat 3.00PM
 12th JanAccrington Stanley v Bristol Rovers (5281)Sat 3.00PM
 13th JanBlackburn Hawks v Telford Tgers(IH) (5312)Sun 5.30PM
 19th JanCharlton Athletic v Accrington Stanley (5282)Sat 3.00PM
 26th JanAccrington Stanley v Oxford Utd (5283)Sat 3.00PM
 27th JanBlackburn Hawks v Sheffield Steeldogs (IH) (5313)Sun 5.30PM
 30th JanGreater Manchester v Lancashire (girls u14) (5323)Wed 7.00PM
 2nd FebAccrington Stanley v Blackpool (5284)Sat 3.00PM
 6th FebLFA Amatuer Shield SF 1 (5250)Wed 7.00PM
 9th FebScunthorpe Utd v Accrington Stanley (5285)Sat 3.00PM
 13th FebLFA Amatuer Shield SF 2 (5251)Wed 7.00PM
 16th FebSunderland v Accrington Stanley (5286)Sat 3.00PM
 17th FebBlackburn Hawks v Whitley Warriors (IH) (5314)Sun 5.30PM
 20th FebLFA Challenge Trophy SF 1 (5248)Wed 7.00PM
 23rd FebAccrington Stanley v Southend Utd (5287)Sat 3.00PM
 24th FebBlackburn Hawks v Billingham Stars (IH) (5315)Sun 5.30PM
 27th FebLFA Challenge Trophy SF 2 (5249)Wed 7.00PM
 2nd MarAccrington Stanley v Coventry City (5288)Sat 3.00PM
 6th MarLFA Amatuer Cup SF 1 (5253)Wed 7.00PM
 9th MarBarnsley v Accrington Stanley (5289)Sat 3.00PM
 12th MarWycombe Wanderers v Accrington Stanley (5290)Tue 7.45PM
 13th MarLFA Sunday Trophy SF 1 (5255)Wed 7.00PM
 16th MarAccrington Stanley v Rochdale (5291)Sat 3.00PM
 17th MarBlackburn Hawks v Solway Sharks (IH) (5316)Sun 5.31PM
 20th MarLFA Sunday Trophy SF 2 (5256)Wed 7.00PM
 21st MarLFA Girls u15 Youth Cup Final (5269)Thu 7.00PM
 23rd MarBurton Albion v Accrington Stanley (5292)Sat 3.00PM
 24th MarLFA Under 13 Youth Cup Final (5264)Sun 10.00AM
 24th MarLFA Under 15 Youth Cup Final (5262)Sun 1.00PM
 24th MarLFA Under 18 youth Cup Final (5260)Sun 4.30PM
 30th MarAccrington Stanley v Fleetwood Town (5293)Sat 3.00PM
 6th AprAFC Wimbledon v Accrington Stanley (5294)Sat 3.00PM
 13th AprAccrington Stanley v Walsall (5295)Sat 3.00PM
 17th AprLFA Senior Cup Final (5247)Wed 7.30PM
 19th AprAccrington Stanley v Luton Town (5296)Fri 3.00PM
 20th AprLFA Pro Youth Cup Final (5259)Sat 11.00AM
 22nd AprDoncaster Rovers v Accrington Stanley (5297)Mon 3.00PM
 24th AprLFA Girls u18 Youth Cup Final (5267)Wed 7.00PM
 25th AprLFA Girls u16 Youth Cup Final (5268)Thu 7.00PM
 27th AprAccrington Stanley v Plymouth Argyle (5298)Sat 3.00PM
 28th AprLFA Under 14 Youth Cup Final (5263)Sun 10.00AM
 28th AprLFA Under 16 Youth Cup Final (5261)Sun 1.00PM
 28th AprLFA Under 21 cup Final (5258)Sun 4.30PM
 1st MayLFA Amatuer Shield Final (5252)Wed 7.30PM
 2nd MayLFA Sunday Trophy Final (5257)Thu 7.30PM
 4th MayPortsmouth v Accrington Stanley (5299)Sat 3.00PM
 8th MayLFA Amatuer Cup Final (5254)Wed 7.30PM
 9th MayLFA Womens Challenge Cup Final (5266)Thu 7.30PM
 12th MayLFA Under 12 Youth Cup Final (5265)Sun 11.00AM
 12th MayLFA Girls u12 Youth Cup Final (5272)Sun 1.30PM
 14th MayLFA Girls u13 Youth Cup Final (5271)Tue 7.00PM
 15th MayLFA Girls u14 Youth Cup Final (5270)Wed 8.00PM