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Tony (KIPAX) Greenwood, Full time Sports Photographer based in Hyndburn ,Lancashire, England.
I am licensed by various Sports leagues and organisations.
I carry a UK Press card, am fully Insured & DBS Registered.

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 20th Jun 18 Padiham Saints v Walshaw Sports (u15) CF  
 21st Feb 18 AccRoss v Brooksby Melton (ESFA QF)  
 13th Sep 17 AccRoss v Fowler Football Academy  
 13th Sep 17 AccRoss v Balby Carr (Womens football)  
 26th Apr 17 ACCROSS v Gateshead (Girls Cup SF)  
 31st Jan 17 ACCROSS USA Alice and Katie (Feature)  
 7th Dec 16 AccRoss v Lancaster & Morecambe  
 23rd Nov 16 AccRoss v Leeds City (Girls Football)  
 13th Oct 16 ACCROSS Girls Football Week  
 5th Feb 16 ACCROSS v York Girls u18 (ESFA SF)  
 21st Aug 15 ACCROSS Boys Girls team pic day.  
 7th Jan 15 ACCROSS Girls v Gateshead (Football)  
 5th Dec 12 ACCROSS Boys v Wigan Leigh College  
 14th Nov 12 ACCROSS Girls v Manchester (Football)  
 14th Nov 12 ACCROSS Boys v Wellacre (Football)  
 17th Oct 12 ACCROSS v Macclesfield (College Basketball)  
 10th Oct 12 ACCROSS Boys v Lancaster Morecambe  
 19th Sep 12 ACCROSS Boys v Newcastle U Lyne  
 18th Jan 12 ACCROSS Girls v Runshaw College  
 12th Dec 11 ACCROSS Dance and Theatre  
 7th Dec 11 ACCROSS Girls v Morecambe Lancaster  
 16th Nov 11 ACCROSS Girls 7 aside and Training  
 3rd Nov 11 ACCROSS Nov KIT Launch  
 21st Sep 11 ACCROSS Boys v Wigan Leigh  
 21st Sep 11 ACCROSS Girls v Birmingham  
 19th Aug 11 ACCROSS Boys/Girls Team Pics  
 17th Aug 11 ACCROSS Boys v ASFC  
 13th Apr 11 ACCROSS v Puma  
 16th Mar 11 ACCROSS Girls v Runshaw Coll  
 9th Mar 11 ACCROSS Girls v Burnley Coll  
 1st Mar 11 ACCROSS Boys v Gateshead  
 14th Feb 11 ACCROSS Boys v Worcester College  
 20th Dec 10 ACCROSS Puma Kit Launch  
 13th Oct 10 ACCROSS Boys v Burnley College  
 29th Sep 10 ACCROSS Girls v Balby Carr (FIRST HALF)  
 29th Sep 10 ACCROSS Girls v Balby Carr (SECOND HALF)  
 20th Sep 10 ACCROSS Boys v AFC Fylde  
 7th Sep 09 ACCROSS Boys v AFC Fylde  
 1st Jul 09 ACCROSS Academy Launch  
 23rd Apr 09 ACCROSS Girls v Weston (BCS Semi Final)  
 25th Mar 09 ACCROSS Girls v Cheadle and Marple  
 18th Mar 09 ACCROSS Girls v Yale College  
 14th Nov 08 ACCROSS Children In Need (Fitness)  
 5th Jul 07 ACCROSS Learner of the year