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Tony (KIPAX) Greenwood, Full time Sports Photographer based in Hyndburn ,Lancashire, England.
I am licensed by various Sports leagues and organisations.
I carry a UK Press card, am fully Insured & DBS Registered.

Lancashire FA Leyland.
Lancashire FA Leyland.
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 7th Aug 21 Wigan Ath v Morecambe (LFA Pro youth Cup Final) (6142) 
 2nd Aug 21 Lancaster City v Prestwich Heys (LFA CT Final) (6193) 
 30th Jul 21 Blackburn Rovers v Wigan Ath (LFA Senior Final) (6189) 
 27th Jun 21 LFA Women’s county league Cup Final (6211) 
 27th Jun 21 LFA Women’s county league Plate Final (6212) 
 19th May 21 Highfield SC v Hunters & Ingol (LFA Sun TropHy Final)  
 18th May 21 FC St Helens v Lostock St Gerards (LFA Shield Final)  
 17th May 21 Milton v Southport & Ainsdale (LFA Cup Final)  
 16th May 21 Bolton Wand P v P Burnley (LFA Womens Cup Final) (6143) 
 25th Oct 20 AFC Darwen V Atherton Colleries (LFA u16 Final)  
 25th Oct 20 Pennington v Ribbleton (LFA u15 Final)  
 24th Oct 20 Hawcoat Park v Fullwood Amateurs (LFA u14s Final)  
 24th Oct 20 FC Strikerz v Lune Valley Jrs (LFA u13s Final)  
 15th Oct 20 Blackpool v Chorley (LFA Girls u18 Final)  
 11th Oct 20 Sir TomFinney V Southport & Ainsdale (LFA SF)  
 11th Oct 20 Blackpool v Fleetwood Town (LFA Girls u15 Final)  
 11th Oct 20 Blackpool Girls v Wigan Ladies (LFA girls u14 Final)  
 10th Oct 20 FC Clarets v Lytham Juniors (LFA u12s Final)  
 7th Oct 20 PDA Academy v Ramsbottom Utd (LFA u18 Final)  
 30th Sep 20 Haslingden v North Lancs (LFA Womens Final)  
 11th Mar 20 Lancaster City v Atherton (LFA CT SF 1)  
 4th Mar 20 Bamber Bridge v Prestwich Heys (LFA Challenge SF 2)  
 5th Feb 20 FC St Helens v Tempest United (LFA AS SF 1)  
 28th Jan 20 PNE v BRFC (LFA Senior SF 1)  
 15th May 19 PNE Womens v Hindley Jnrs LFA Girls u14 Final  
 14th May 19 Lostock Hall v PNE Women LFA Girls u13 Final  
 12th May 19 LFA Girls u12 Youth Cup Final  
 12th May 19 LFA Under 12 Youth Cup Final  
 9th May 19 Blackburn Rovers v Fylde (LFA Womens Final)  
 8th May 19 Elton Vale v Leigh Foundry (LFA Amatuer Cup Final)  
 7th May 19 Burnley v Blackburn Rovers (LFA senior final)  
 2nd May 19 Crown Paints v Eleven Sports Media (LFA ST Final)  
 1st May 19 Thornton Clev v Turton (LFA Amatuer Shield Final)  
 28th Apr 19 Padiham v Winstanley Warriors (LFA u21 Final)  
 28th Apr 19 Hindsford v Bamber Bridge (LFA u16 Final)  
 28th Apr 19 Ribbleton v Penwortham (LFA u14 Final)  
 25th Apr 19 Blackburn & Darwen v Burnley (LFA Girls u16 Final)  
 24th Apr 19 Bury v Blackpool (LFA Girls u18 Final)  
 20th Apr 19 PNE v Wigan Ath (LFA Pro Youth Cup Final)  
 10th Apr 19 Acregate Ln Labour Club v Crown Paints (LFA ST SF)  
 7th Apr 19 Haslingden v Tom Finney (LFA Womens Trophy Final)  
 7th Apr 19 Nelson v Bury Dev (LFA Womens Plate Final)  
 24th Mar 19 Southport v AFC Fylde (LFA Boys u18 CF)  
 24th Mar 19 Atherton Collieries v Team Elite (LFA Boys u15 CF)  
 24th Mar 19 Walshaw Sports v Southport (LFA boys u13 CF)  
 21st Mar 19 Wigan Ath v Golborne (LFA Girls u15 CF)  
 20th Mar 19 Ribbleton v Eleven Sports Media (LFA ST SF)  
 6th Mar 19 Old Mancunians v Elton Vale (LFA AC SF)  
 27th Feb 19 Southport v Ashton Athletic (LFA CT SF)  
 20th Feb 19 Colne v Bamber Bridge (LFA CT SF)  
 20th Feb 19 Burnley v Rochdale AFC (LFA SF)  
 13th Feb 19 Turton FC v Coppull United FC (LFA AS SF)  
 11th Feb 19 Blackburn Rovers v Accrington Stanley (LFA SF) (5387) 
 10th Feb 19 Ribbleton Green v Wilpshire Wand Blue (u14 LFA SF)  
 6th Feb 19 Thornton Cleveleys v Slyne with Hest (LFA AS SF)  
 20th Jan 19 Fylde v Blackburn Community (LFA Womens SF)  
 18th May 18 Lancashire FA Referee Awards [PRIVATE] (4892) 
 13th May 18 Blackpool v Golborne (LFA Girls u14 final)  
 13th May 18 PNE v Blackpool (LFA Girls u13 final)  
 10th May 18 Blackburn Rovers v Chorley Ladies (LFA County CF)  
 9th May 18 Guide Security Sunday Trophy Final  
 5th May 18 Preston North End v Wigan Ath (LFA Youth CF)  
 2nd May 18 Burnley Belv v Winstanley ST A (LFA Amatuer CF)  
 1st May 18 Bury v PNE (LFA Girls u15 CF)  
 29th Apr 18 Atherton Town v Prestwich Marauders (LFA u14 CF)  
 29th Apr 18 Ribbleton v Fulwood Amateurs (LFA u21 CF)  
 29th Apr 18 Ribbleton v Vickerstown (LFA u16 CF)  
 25th Apr 18 Garstang v Fulwood (LFA Amatuer Sheild)  
 22nd Apr 18 Bae Warton v Winstanley Warriors (LFA u18 YCF)  
 22nd Apr 18 Walshaw Sports v Hindsford Jnr (LFA u15 YCF)  
 20th Apr 18 LFA Apprentiship photo shoot [PRIVATE] (4996) 
 19th Apr 18 Blackpool v PNE (LFA girls u16 county CF)  
 12th Apr 18 Burnley Belv v Mostonians AFC (LFC AC SF)  
 11th Apr 18 Fleetwood v Bury (LFA Senior CF)  
 8th Apr 18 Burnley Belv v Wigan Ath Dev (LFA Womens TF)  
 8th Apr 18 Hindley v Barrow Celtic Comets (LFA Womens PF)  
 28th Mar 18 Chorley v Lancaster City (LFA CT SF)  
 21st Mar 18 Broomheads E A v Highfield (LFA ST SF)  
 7th Mar 18 Caton Utd v Winstanley St Aidans (LFA AC SF)  
 22nd Feb 18 Euxton Villa v Garstang (LFA AS SF)  
 21st Feb 18 Charnock Richard v Clitheroe (LFA CT SF)  
 4th May 17 PNE Women Jnrs v Blackpool Girls (u16 final)  
 26th Apr 17 Blackburn Rovers v Fylde (LFA Womens Final)  
 29th Mar 17 Crown Paints v Southport & Ains' (Cup Final  
 8th Mar 17 Chorley v Ashton Athletic (LFA SF)  
 28th Apr 16 PNE v Blackburn Rovers (LFA Womens Final)  
 24th Apr 16 Blackburn CSC v Burnley (LFA Girls u16 Final)  
 24th Apr 16 PNE Womens v Blackpool (LFA Girls u14 Final)  
 24th Apr 16 F.C. Strikerz v Lancaster City (LFA u12 Final)  
 22nd Apr 16 Furness Rovers V Atherton Town (LFA u15 Final)  
 21st Apr 16 Blackpool (Wren) v Royton Town (lFA Amateur Shield)  
 11th Apr 16 Penwortham girls v Shoreline FC (league cup Final)  
 3rd Apr 16 Elton Vale v Ashton Athletic (LFA u18 Final)  
 23rd Mar 16 Boars Head Thistle v Ingol Rangers (LFA Sun Trophy)  
 20th Mar 16 Poulton v Holker Old Boys (LFA u13 Final)  
 20th Mar 16 Charnock Richard v Langho (LFA u16 Final)  
 20th Mar 16 Thornton Cleveleys v BAC/EE Preston (LFA u14 Final)  
 15th Mar 16 Bury G.S.O.B. v Winstanley St Aidan (Amateur Cup Final)  
 14th Mar 16 Chorley v Lancaster (Challenge Trophy Final)  
 25th Feb 16 Rishton United v Winstanley (Amatuer cup SF)  
 10th Feb 16 Colne v Chorley (LFA Challenge Trophy SF)  
 26th Apr 15 Ribbleton v Bispham Junior (u12 LFA Final)  
 9th Apr 15 CMB FC v Coppull United (Amateur Shield Final)  
 22nd Mar 15 Thornton Cleveleys v Daisy Hil (LFA u18 CF)  
 22nd Mar 15 Fleetwood v Whalley (u13s Cup Final)  
 20th Mar 15 Carnforth Rangers v Belair (LFA Sheild Final)  
 21st Sep 14 Havelock v Game Cock (LFA Sun trophy)  
 21st Sep 14 Hyndburn Youth v The Donkey (LFA Sun trophy)  
 9th Sep 14 Blackburn Rovers v PNE (LFA Senior Cup)  
 15th Jul 14 Girls United Mini Soccer (LFA)  
 28th Apr 13 Burnley v PNE WJFC (u16 Final)  
 28th Apr 13 St. Helens v PNE WJFC (u14 Final)  
 25th Apr 13 Blackburn Rovers v Blackpool W.R. (LFA Final)  
 21st Apr 13 Wythnshawe v Bolton Indians (u12s LFA Final)  
 21st Apr 13 Cadley v Mill Hill (u13s LFA Final)  
 11th Apr 13 Charnock Richard. v Eagley (Amatuer Sheild)  
 9th Apr 13 Blackhurst Budd v Reform Health (Sun Trophy)  
 26th Mar 13 Old Boltonians AFC V Southport & Ainsdale  
 21st Mar 13 North Chadderton v Southport (LFA u18 Final)  
 15th Mar 13 Bamber Bridge v BAC Preston (u14s county final)  
 7th Mar 13 Mill Hill v Bolton Lads (County u15s final)  
 2nd May 12 PNE v Burnley (Lancashire youth cup Final)  
 1st May 12 Blackburn Sport v Pennington (Womens County Lg Cup)  
 27th Apr 12 Blessed Sacrement v Preston GSA (Final)  
 25th Apr 12 Mill Hill v New Farington (LFA Trophy final)  
 20th Apr 12 Preston Wanderers FC v Langho FC  
 19th Apr 12 Haslingden St Marys v Norcross & Warbreck  
 13th Apr 12 Eagley v Charnock Richard (LFA Shield Final)  
 4th Apr 12 Blackburn R v Blackpool WR (Lancs Cup Final)  
 23rd Mar 12 Tyldesley Juniors v Mill Hill (LFA u12s Final)  
 16th Mar 12 South Shore Youth v Mill Hill (LFA u14 Final)  
 9th Mar 12 Lytham JFC v Ladybridge FC Boys County Cup u13  
 7th Mar 12 PNE WJFC u15 v PNE WJFC u16 Girls County Cup  
 5th Mar 12 Walshaw JFC v Bolton BSS FC County Cup u16 Boys  
 1st Mar 12 St Helens v Lytham St Annes (u15 Cup Final)  
 28th Feb 12 Academy Jnrs v Preston N.E. (Girls u14 Cup Final)  
 28th Apr 11 Blackpool v Craven  
 26th Apr 11 Wigan v Blackpool u12s  
 19th Apr 11 Eagley v Charnock  
 14th Apr 11 Poulton v Greenlands  
 7th Apr 11 SouthLans v Preston District u18  
 31st Mar 11 EastLancs Barrow u16  
 25th Mar 11 South Shore v ST Annes u14  
 21st Mar 11 Ashton v Ulverton u18s  
 17th Mar 11 Aston v Highgrove u16  
 11th Mar 11 Blackburn v PNE (Womens Lancs final)  
 4th Mar 11 Ladybridge v Holker OB (LFA U12s CF)  
 10th Feb 11 Myerscough JFDC v Mill Hill FC (u15s)  
 26th Apr 10 East Lancs v Preston & District (u18s)  
 23rd Apr 10 East Lancs v Blackpool & District (u16s)  
 16th Apr 10 Blackpool W.R. v Garstang (LFA Shield)  
 14th Apr 10 Clitheroe v Southport (Lancs Cup)  
 7th Apr 10 Hurst Green v Highgrove (LFA Cup Final)  
 15th Mar 10 Blackburn Rovers v Salford (Womens Lancs cup)  
 4th Feb 10 Mill Hill v Ladybridge u12 Cup Final  
 3rd Apr 09 Blackburn Rovers v Rochdale (Womens LFA FINAL)  
 21st Mar 09 Blackpool v Morecambe (Womens County final)  
 2nd Apr 08 Chorley v Southport (Lancs Cup First Half)  
 2nd Feb 07 Curzon Ashton v Blackburn (Womens Lancs FINAL)