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Tony (KIPAX) Greenwood, Full time Sports Photographer based in Hyndburn ,Lancashire, England.
I am licensed by various Sports leagues and organisations.
I carry a UK Press card, am fully Insured & DBS Registered.

KIPAX Action Photography
KIPAX Action Photography
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 29th Oct 21 Just Paws Halloween Party Fri (6279) 
 28th Oct 21 Just Paws Halloween Party Thur (6278) 
 15th Sep 21 BELLA dog photo shoot  
 12th Sep 21 Croft Top Cracker (Equestrian)  
 14th Apr 21 Emily-Rose & Murphy Birthday shoot  
 23rd Dec 20 Just Paws Christmas Party (Wed)  
 22nd Dec 20 Just Paws Christmas Party (Tue)  
 30th Oct 20 Just Paws Halloween Party  
 28th Oct 20 Halloween Horse shoot (5944) 
 23rd May 20 Amber & Luna Spaniels  
 23rd May 20 Jarvis & Dolly pet shoot (Dogs)  
 23rd May 20 Doris the Boxer Dog shoot  
 21st May 20 Murphy the Pony Shoot  
 20th May 20 BELLA Puppy shoot.  
 28th May 19 DOGS Archie, Lucy and Unknown  
 12th Aug 18 Pendle Dogs Agility at Trawden Ag Show  
 1st Sep 15 2 Dog shoot for Kelly  
 16th Mar 15 Louie the Springer Spaniel (Pet Shoot)  
 24th Nov 13 Dogs in Water Sunnyhurst Woods  
 31st Aug 12 Dog Crosby Beach  
 24th Sep 11 Burnley Equestrian  
 27th Mar 11 Carls Dog in the Park  
 18th Jul 10 Accrington Equestrian  
 30th Dec 08 Pair of Bengal Cats