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Tony (KIPAX) Greenwood, Full time Sports Photographer based in Hyndburn ,Lancashire, England.
I am licensed by various Sports leagues and organisations.
I carry a UK Press card, am fully Insured & DBS Registered.

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 24th Aug 23 Pleckgate GCSE Results day PRIVATE (7190) 
 25th Aug 22 Pleckgate GCSE Results day PRIVATE (6840) 
 12th Jul 22 Redeemer School Play PRIVATE (6217) 
 7th Jul 22 St Stephen's Tockholes Sports Day PRIVATE (6839) 
 13th Jul 21 St Stephen's Tockholes Sports Day. PRIVATE (6215) 
 16th Jul 20 St Stephens Tockholes yr6 leavers PRIVATE (5798) 
 16th Mar 20 Blackburn Schools yr 8 SF QEGS v Darwen Vale  
 18th Dec 19 St Stephens Tockholes SANTA visit PRIVATE (6233) 
 11th Oct 19 Blackburn with Darwen Schools KS1 Festival  
 22nd Aug 19 Pleckgate GCSE Results day PRIVATE (5525) 
 10th Jul 19 St Stephens Tockholes CEP Sports day PRIVATE (5471) 
 7th May 19 St Bede's V St Wilfrid's (y11 Final)  
 7th May 19 St Bede's v Westholme (y10 Final)  
 3rd Apr 19 Blackburn Schools Secondary Dance Comp  
 2nd Apr 19 Blackburn Schools TAG Rugby  
 30th Jan 19 Blackburn Primary Sportshall Athletics  
 10th Dec 18 Blackburn y7&8 Schools Sportshall Ath  
 1st Dec 18 Blackburn Schools Secondry Cross Country  
 15th Nov 18 Blackburn Schools y3 4 Dodgeball Festival  
 6th Nov 18 Blackburn Schools JUBILEE Finals  
 16th Oct 18 Darwen primary Schools Cross Country  
 23rd Aug 18 Pleckgate GCSE Results day PRIVATE (5102) 
 17th Jul 18 DPSSA Rounders  
 29th Jun 18 Lower Darwen Sports day KS2 (5034) 
 29th Jun 18 Lower Darwen Sports day KS1 (5033) 
 25th Jun 18 Blackburn primary Schools Athletics  
 21st Jun 18 St Pauls Blackburn Sports day (4889) 
 20th Jun 18 Blackburn Schools C Team Football Festival  
 13th Jun 18 Blackburn Schools yr 5& 6 MIXED Cricket  
 11th Jun 18 St Stephens Tockholes CEP Sports day PRIVATE (4896) 
 6th Jun 18 Blackburn year 5&6 Girls Cricket  
 22nd May 18 Blackburn schools yr5&6 Netball finals  
 10th May 18 Blackburn Schools y7 Football Final  
 20th Mar 18 Blackburn Schools y5&6 girls football Finals  
 30th Jan 18 BwD y5&6 Sportshall Athletics finals  
 11th Dec 17 Blackburn y7/8 Sportshall Ath finals  
 7th Dec 17 Blackburn primary schools BOCCIA Finals  
 2nd Dec 17 Blackburn Schools Cross Country Finals  
 22nd Nov 17 Blackburn y7 Girls Futsal Finals  
 20th Nov 17 Blackburn School u16 Girls Badminton  
 16th Nov 17 Blackburn School u16 Boys Badminton  
 7th Nov 17 Blackburn Schools JUBILEE Finals  
 25th Oct 17 St Bede's Charity Biathlon  
 13th Jul 17 Blackburn Schools Rounders  
 7th Jul 17 Blackburn schools u15s Cricket Finals  
 6th Jul 17 Blackburn schools u13s Cricket Finals  
 20th Jun 17 BDSSA Secondary Town Sports Day (9-3) Witton Park  
 17th May 17 Blackburn Schools y3/4 Mini Tennis  
 16th May 17 Blackburn schools finals (morning only)  
 27th Mar 17 BPSSA Cross Country (Yr5-6 & Yr 3-4)  
 24th Mar 17 St Bedes Blackburn. Archery & Gymnastics  
 7th Mar 17 Blackburn Schools Year 5/6 Cycling  
 7th Mar 17 Blackburn Schools Dance fest  
 28th Feb 17 Schools Sportshall Burough finals  
 13th Dec 16 Blackburn Schools KS1 Kurling  
 12th Dec 16 Blackburn Schools y7/8 Sportshall Athletics  
 6th Dec 16 Blackburn Schools BOCCIA  
 29th Nov 16 Blackburn Schools y5/6 Dodgeball  
 18th Nov 16 Westholme Schools football tourn [Redeemer]  
 17th Nov 16 Blackburn Schools Boys u16 Badminton  
 14th Nov 16 Blackburn Schools Girls u14 Badminton  
 8th Nov 16 Blackburn Schools Jubilee finals  
 25th Oct 16 St Bede's School Biathlon  
 4th Oct 16 Blackburn Schools TAG rugby tournament  
 14th Jul 16 BwD Schools Y5/6 Mixed Rounders  
 4th Jul 16 BwD Schools u15 cricket final  
 24th Jun 16 Blackburn Schools u13 cricket final  
 21st Jun 16 BwD Secondary Athletics PART 1 of 2  
 21st Jun 16 BwD Secondary Athletics PART 2 of 2  
 19th May 16 St.Bede's v St.Wilfrid's (Girls u16 Lancs final)  
 13th May 16 Blackburn Year 6 football Ewood park [Redeemer]  
 12th May 16 Blackburn Schools St Bede's v Pleckgate (y10 Final)  
 12th May 16 Blackburn Schools St Bede's v DACA (y9 Final)  
 24th Mar 16 Inter-schools athletics (Blackburn College)  
 2nd Feb 16 Blackburn Schools Sportshall y3&4  
 26th Jan 16 Blackburn Schools Sportshall y5&6 (st Wilfs)  
 14th Dec 15 Blackburn Schools yr 7&8 Sportshall  
 8th Dec 15 Blackburn Schools KS1 Curling  
 5th Dec 15 Blackburn Schools Cross Country  
 24th Nov 15 Blackburn Schools y5/6 Dodgeball Festival  
 3rd Nov 15 Blackburn Schools Jubilee Shield.  
 21st Oct 15 Blackburn Schools Biathlon  
 7th Oct 15 Blackburn Schools TAG Rugby  
 9th Jul 15 Inter schools Junior Bowling Comp  
 8th Jul 15 Blackburn schools yr 3&4 Football festival  
 23rd Jun 15 Blackburn Schools Secondry Athletics  
 18th Jun 15 Blackburn Schools y6 Cricket  
 15th Jun 15 Blackburn Schools Primary Athletics  
 11th Jun 15 St Bedes v Bishop Rawstorne (Girls u16 County Final)  
 14th May 15 Longshaw v Redeemer (3677) 
 5th May 15 Blackburn Schools y7 football Final  
 5th May 15 Blackburn Schools y8 football Final  
 1st May 15 Blackburn Darwen Schools Swimming Gala  
 24th Apr 15 St Bedes v South Hunsley (y10/11 Girls cup SF)  
 23rd Mar 15 Blackburn Primary shools Cross country  
 25th Feb 15 Blackburn Emerging schools Table Tennis  
 24th Feb 15 Blackburn Schools y 5/6 Football Fest  
 10th Feb 15 Blackburn Schools y 1/2 Sportshall  
 3rd Feb 15 Blackburn Schools y3/4 Sportshall  
 2nd Feb 15 Blackburn Schools Y5/6 Sportshall  
 10th Dec 14 Blackburn year 7&8 Sportshall Finals  
 6th Dec 14 Blackburn Schools Cross Country Finals  
 17th Nov 14 Blackburn Schools Badminton (Girls u16)  
 17th Nov 14 Blackburn primary Paralympic festival (9.30am)  
 13th Nov 14 Blackburn Schools Badminton (Boys u14)  
 4th Nov 14 Blackburn schools Jubilee Shield finals..  
 22nd Oct 14 Primary schools Biathlon (10am)  
 9th Oct 14 Blackburn Schools TAG Rugby  
 25th Sep 14 Premier League 4 Sport Launch (St Bedes, Blackburn)  
 17th Jul 14 Blackburn Darwen Primary School Rounders  
 9th Jul 14 Blackburn Schools y2 Multi Skills  
 23rd Jun 14 Blackburn Darwen primary Schools Athletics  
 19th Jun 14 Blackburn Darwen Schools Kwik Cricket  
 22nd May 14 DACA 1st XI v DACA 2nd XI (Lancs u19s cup Final)  
 2nd May 14 Blackburn Schools Swimming Gala  
 1st May 14 St Bedes v St Wilfrids (y8 Final)  
 1st May 14 St Bedes v Darwen Vale (y7 Final)  
 30th Apr 14 DACA v St bedes (yr9 Final)  
 30th Apr 14 Darwen Vale v St Bedes (y10 Final)  
 1st Apr 14 Blackburn Schools y5/6 Girls Football  
 11th Feb 14 Blackburn Schools KS1 Sportshall athletics  
 29th Jan 14 Blackburn Darwen Primary Sportshall  
 17th Jan 14 Blackburn Schools DACA v St Wilfrid's (y9 final)  
 12th Dec 13 Blackburn Schools y7/8 Sportshall Athletics  
 11th Dec 13 Blackburn Schools Girls u14 football finals  
 7th Dec 13 Blackburn Schools Secondary Cross Country  
 3rd Dec 13 Blackburn High 5s Netball Finals  
 18th Nov 13 Blackburn Schools u16 girls Badminton  
 14th Nov 13 Blackburn Schools u14s Boys Badminton  
 13th Nov 13 Blackburn Schools Year 7 Girls Futsal Indoor finals  
 5th Nov 13 Blackburn Schools Jubilee Shield  
 23rd Oct 13 Blackburn Schools Paralympic fest  
 10th Oct 13 Blackburn Darwen Year 5/6 Tag Rugby  
 11th Jul 13 Reedeemer School Play OLIVER [PRIVATE] (2858) 
 17th Jun 13 Blackburn Schools Primary Athletics  
 17th Jun 13 Blackburn Schools U13s tennis champs  
 13th Jun 13 Blackburn Schools Quad Athletics  
 6th Jun 13 Blackburn y6 Girls Cricket  
 15th May 13 Hyndburn v Blackburn (Wrennal Cup u14s)  
 3rd May 13 Blackburn y11 Football Final  
 2nd May 13 Blackburn y9 & y10 Football Finals  
 1st May 13 Blackburn Girls u14 Football Finals  
 29th Apr 13 Blackburn y7 & y8 Football Finals  
 23rd Apr 13 y5 y6 Blackburn Schools Girls Football Finals  
 22nd Mar 13 Blackburn Schools prim Swim Gala FINALS  
 22nd Mar 13 Blackburn Schools prim Swim Gala HEATS  
 18th Mar 13 Blackburn Schools primary Cross Country  
 15th Mar 13 Blackburn Primary BOCCIA Tournament  
 14th Mar 13 Blackburn Schools Dance Festival 2  
 13th Mar 13 Blackburn Schools Dance Festival 1  
 6th Mar 13 Blackburn Primary BOCCIA Tournament  
 27th Feb 13 Blackburn Schools u13s Table Tennis Finals  
 13th Feb 13 Blackburn Schools key Steps Gymnastics  
 24th Jan 13 Blackburn Primary High 5 Netball Finals  
 17th Jan 13 Darwen Vale v St Bedes y7 Football Finals  
 10th Jan 13 Blackburn Schools Girls u14 football Finals  
 17th Dec 12 DACA v Witton Year10 Football Finals  
 13th Dec 12 Blackburn Yr 7-8 Sportshall  
 11th Dec 12 Blackburn Darwen Yr 7-9 Girls' SWIMMING Gala  
 1st Dec 12 Blackburn darwen Secondary Cross Country  
 30th Nov 12 Blackburn Primary Paralympic festival at QEGS  
 22nd Nov 12 Blackburn Schools yr7 5 aside Football Comp  
 15th Nov 12 Blackburn Boy's KS3 & KS4 Badminton Comp  
 13th Nov 12 Blackburn Darwen Jubilee Cup  
 12th Nov 12 Blackburn Girl's KS3 & KS4 Badminton Comp  
 7th Nov 12 Blackburn Darwen y7 Girls FUTSAL Finals  
 11th Oct 12 Blackburn Darwen Schools TAG Rugby  
 20th Jul 12 St Bedes, Blackburn. Sports Students  
 11th Jul 12 Feniscowles Football Tourn Yr 3&4 (PART 1)  
 11th Jul 12 Feniscowles Football Tourn Yr 3&4 (PART 2)  
 29th Jun 12 Blackburn Darwen Schools Year 7/8 CRICKET  
 26th Jun 12 BDSSA Athlietics Championships (1pm-3pm)  
 26th Jun 12 BDSSA Athlietics Championships (11am-1pm)  
 26th Jun 12 BDSSA Athlietics Championships (9am-11am)  
 13th Jun 12 Blackburn Darwen Y3/4 Schools QUAD ATHLETICS  
 12th Jun 12 Blackburn Darwen Y6 Schools CRICKET  
 24th May 12 Blackburn Darwen Yr 5/6 Quicksticks HOCKEY  
 22nd May 12 Blackburn Darwen Boys FOOTBALL FINAL  
 16th May 12 Blackburn Darwen Schools y4/5 CRICKET  
 15th May 12 Blackburn Darwen y3/4 GYMNASTICS DACA  
 26th Apr 12 Blackburn Darwen u8s TENNIS  
 28th Mar 12 Darwen Vale v QEGS (Cup Final)  
 28th Mar 12 St Wilfrids v Our Lady (Cup Final)  
 27th Mar 12 St Wilfrids v Darwen Vale (y8 Cup Final)  
 27th Mar 12 Witton v St Bedes (y9 Cup Final)  
 27th Mar 12 Blackburn Secondry BOCCIA Comp  
 26th Mar 12 St Wilfrids v Darwen Vale (y11 Final)  
 23rd Mar 12 Darwen V v Our Lady S of P (Cup SF)  
 21st Mar 12 Festival of Dance (King Georges Blackburn)  
 19th Mar 12 Blackburn Primary CROSS COUNTRY  
 27th Feb 12 Table TENNIS at Pleckgate HS  
 8th Feb 12 Blackburn Darwen Girls Football FINALS  
 1st Feb 12 Blackburn Darwen Indoor ATHLETICS  
 15th Dec 11 Primary DODGEBALL at Darwen Vale 2/2  
 15th Dec 11 Primary DODGEBALL at Darwen Vale 1/2  
 8th Dec 11 Blackburn Darwen Indoor ATHLETICS 1/2  
 8th Dec 11 Blackburn Darwen Indoor ATHLETICS 2/2  
 6th Dec 11 Blackburn Darwen NETBALL P2  
 6th Dec 11 Blackburn Darwen NETBALL P1  
 6th Dec 11 Blackburn Darwen BOCCIA  
 3rd Dec 11 Blackburn Darwen CROSS COUNTRY  
 23rd Nov 11 Blackburn Darwen FOOTBALL (Soccerdome)  
 17th Nov 11 Blackburn Darwen BADMINTON  
 1st Nov 11 Jubilee Cup Primary FOOTBALL (Blackburn)  
 13th Oct 11 Blackburn Darwen TAG Rugby  
 14th Oct 10 Blackburn Darwen TAG RUGBY