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Tony (KIPAX) Greenwood, Full time Sports Photographer based in Hyndburn ,Lancashire, England.
I am licensed by various Sports leagues and organisations.
I carry a UK Press card, am fully Insured & DBS Registered.

KIPAX Action Photography
KIPAX Action Photography
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 7th Feb 18 Hyndburn Schools u13 Table Tennis  
 20th Nov 17 Blackburn School u16 Girls Badminton  
 16th Nov 17 Blackburn School u16 Boys Badminton  
 11th Nov 17 Lancashire Schools Table Tennis Finals  
 17th May 17 Blackburn Schools y3/4 Mini Tennis  
 4th Feb 17 Lancs Schools Table Tennis Championships  
 17th Sep 16 East Lancs Tennis League team finals  
 11th Apr 15 British Prim Schools Table Tennis Championship  
 25th Feb 15 Blackburn Emerging schools Table Tennis  
 15th Feb 15 National Squash Championship (Wom Final)  
 17th Nov 14 Blackburn Schools Badminton (Girls u16)  
 13th Nov 14 Blackburn Schools Badminton (Boys u14)  
 2nd Nov 14 Towneley Community Tennis Club finals  
 16th Sep 14 North West Counties Squash League  
 25th Mar 14 Lancs Schools u13s Table Tennis  
 23rd Mar 14 E Lancs Jnr Badminton Tournament  
 9th Nov 13 Chris & Tom Baron Tennis shoot  
 15th Sep 12 East lancs Tennis (at Burnley)  
 19th Aug 12 Burnley Evening Tennis Lg Finals Day  
 31st Mar 12 Lancashire Racketlon Open  
 14th Jan 12 Regional Table Tennis Championships  
 16th Oct 11 BSC Badminton Open (Blackburn)  
 26th Feb 11 Lancashire Racketlon  
 17th Jun 10 Liverpool Int TENNIS Tournament (Thur)  
 18th Jun 09 Liverpool Int Tennis Tournament