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Tony (KIPAX) Greenwood, Full time Sports Photographer based in Hyndburn ,Lancashire, England.
I am licensed by various Sports leagues and organisations.
I carry a UK Press card, am fully Insured & DBS Registered.

Schools and College Teams on Tour in the UK
Schools and College Teams on Tour in the UK
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 29th Mar 23 Lancashire SFA v Illinois State Team (u14s) (7077) 
 29th Nov 22 Queensland girls (EDITS)  
 27th Nov 22 Scotland MISC - Queensland Girls  
 27th Nov 22 Scotland games 4,5,6 - Queensland Girls  
 27th Nov 22 Scotland games 1,2,3 - Queensland Girls  
 25th Nov 22 Wigan Athletic Queensland Girls  
 24th Nov 22 Manchester Utd v Queensland Girls  
 24th Nov 22 Queensland Girls Training Manchester  
 26th Sep 22 Falkirk v Queensland (u16)  
 26th Sep 22 Falkirk v Queensland (u15)  
 26th Sep 22 Queensland Coaching & Celtic Stadium Tour  
 25th Sep 22 Scotland YFA v Queensland (Indoors)  
 25th Sep 22 Scotland YFA v Queensland (Outside)  
 23rd Sep 22 Macclesfield Town v Queensland (u16)  
 23rd Sep 22 Macclesfield Town v Queensland (u15)  
 22nd Sep 22 Ashton Mersey School v Queensland  
 22nd Sep 22 Queensland u15/u16 Coaching Clinic  
 28th Jul 22 Leek Town Ladies v San Antonio Lions (Wom u18)  
 28th Jul 22 Leek Town v San Antonio Lions (Mens u18)  
 27th Jul 22 Macclesfield v San Antonio Lions (Wom u18)  
 27th Jul 22 Macclesfield v San Antonio Lions (Mens u18)  
 24th Jul 22 Solihull Moors v San Antonio Lions (Wom u18)  
 24th Jul 22 Solihull Moors v San Antonio Lions (Mens 18)  
 25th Nov 19 Falkirk v Queensland (u16s)  
 1st Aug 19 Britannia Cup Chester  
 18th Apr 19 Crosby Stuart v Shoreline USA (Girls u15)  
 14th Apr 19 Crosby Stuart v Academie de Soccer Pro-Foot (Girls u15)  
 8th Mar 19 Bollingtton v Meggen FC (Switzerland) MATCH 2  
 8th Mar 19 Bollingtton v Meggen FC (Switzerland) MATCH 1  
 26th Nov 18 Falkirk v Queensland (AU) u15s  
 25th Nov 18 Scotland u17s v Melbourne Allstars  
 25th Nov 18 Scotland Youth v Queensland (AU) u15s  
 23rd Nov 18 Manchester FUTSAL Queensland (AU) u15s  
 22nd Nov 18 Ashton Mersey v Queensland (AU) u15s  
 6th Apr 18 Pendle v SV Hausach 1927 e.V. (Boys u12s)  
 26th Mar 18 Crosby Stuart v Shevington (girls u14)  
 18th Mar 18 Crosby Stuart v Shankill girls (u14s)  
 30th Nov 17 Queensland UK Tour v TNS (u16s)  
 30th Nov 17 Queensland UK Tour v TNS (u15s)  
 28th Nov 17 Queensland UK Tour (Celtic Training/Tour)  
 27th Nov 17 Queensland UK Tour v Kirkliston  
 27th Nov 17 Queensland UK Tour (Edinburgh ORIAM)  
 16th Oct 17 Shrewsbury Acad (u14/15) v Thailand Nat (u14)  
 15th Oct 17 New Saints TNS (u14s) v Thailand Nat (u14)  
 1st Dec 16 Clitheroe Grammer v Queensland (Boys)  
 30th Nov 16 Huddersfield Town u14s v Queensland (Boys)  
 27th Nov 16 Scottish Youth FA v Queensland (Boys)  
 25th Nov 16 Ashton Mersey v Queensland (Boys)  
 13th Aug 16 ASFC v FC Westchester (Academy Football)  
 2nd Dec 15 Queensland u15s at Platts Manchester  
 30th Nov 15 Sunderland Academy v Queensland (u15)  
 30th Nov 15 Queensland Training/Newcastle Stadium  
 29th Nov 15 Scottish Youth FA v S Queensland (u15 Boys)  
 20th Feb 15 Liverpool Academy v Seacoast Maine  
 19th Feb 15 Man Utd u18s v Seacoast Maine  
 30th Mar 13 Manchester Easter Festival u10s  
 30th Mar 13 Manchester Easter Festival u11s  
 30th Mar 13 Manchester Easter Festival u15s  
 6th Oct 12 Warrington Boys v Nansett IL (Norway)  
 4th Nov 11 MillHead v Millen (Veterans)  
 2nd Dec 10 Queensland Boys at Birmingham Futsal  
 2nd Dec 10 Queensland Girls at Filton Coll Bristol  
 30th Nov 10 Kirkby College v Queensland Boys (AFT)  
 30th Nov 10 Kirkby College v Queensland Boys (MORN)  
 25th Nov 10 Queensland Boys at Man Citys Platt Ln  
 25th Nov 10 Queensland Boys v Egerton Youth  
 24th Nov 10 Queensland Girls at the Reebok Bolton  
 23rd Nov 10 Ashton Mersey School Queensland Boys  
 22nd Nov 10 Queensland Girls at Man Utds Cliff Trainin  
 22nd Nov 10 Man Utd Girls v Queensland 2010  
 2nd Dec 09 Alsop High v Queensland (u15)(u16)  
 1st Dec 09 Kirkby College v Queensland 2009  
 1st Dec 09 All Saints High v Queensland 2009  
 1st Dec 09 Cardinal Heenan v Queensland  
 29th Nov 09 SYFA u15 Regional v Queensland  
 29th Nov 09 SYFA u16 Regional v Queensland  
 29th Nov 09 SYFA u15 National v Queensland  
 29th Nov 09 SYFA u16 National v Queensland  
 26th Nov 09 Queensland v Manchester Grammer  
 26th Nov 09 Bradfiord u16 v Queensland u15  
 25th Nov 09 Queensland at Trafford Soccerdome  
 24th Nov 09 W.R. College M2 v Queensland  
 24th Nov 09 W.R. College M1 v Queensland  
 26th Sep 09 Littleborough Jnrs v Nordby IL  
 4th Dec 08 Queensland v Woodley Sports  
 3rd Dec 08 Queensland v Manchester Boys  
 2nd Dec 08 Queensland v Staffordshire FA  
 26th Nov 08 Queensland v Telford  
 25th Nov 08 W.R. College v Queensland