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Tony (KIPAX) Greenwood, Full time Sports Photographer based in Hyndburn ,Lancashire, England.
I am licensed by various Sports leagues and organisations.
I carry a UK Press card, am fully Insured & DBS Registered.

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 14th Oct 14 Accrington Pals (Ossy Players)  
 23rd Aug 14 Colne Blues festival (Sat Evening)  
 22nd Aug 14 Colne Blues festival (Fri Evening)  
 5th Jul 14 Katherine Jenkins at Hoghton Towers (3276) 
 4th Jul 14 James Blunt at Hoghton Towers (3275) 
 2nd Nov 13 Clitheroe Castle Fireworks  
 26th Aug 13 2013 Colne Blues Festival FRI-MON  
 24th Aug 13 ST Pauls SCOUTS Fun Day (Ossy Mills)  
 8th Jun 13 Slaidburn Steam Rally  
 4th May 13 Burnley blues Fest 2013 (Sat night)  
 22nd Apr 13 Fawlty Towers by Ossy Players  
 28th Mar 13 Whinney Hill Sports Dinner (ft Gary Neville)  
 9th Oct 12 Merchant of Venice (Ossy Players)  
 24th Sep 12 The Full Monty (Pendle Hippodrome)  
 14th Sep 12 Ramsbottom Festival 2012 (Fri Eve)  
 24th Aug 12 Colne Blues Festival (FRI, SAT, SUN &MON)  
 23rd Jun 12 Olympic Torch (Oswaldtwistle)  
 5th May 12 Burnley Blues Festival (Sat)  
 24th Apr 12 The Maitlands (Oswaldtwistle Players)  
 6th Apr 12 Whinney Hill FC Sportsmans Dinner  
 2nd Dec 11 Clitheroe Santa Dash  
 13th Nov 11 Remeberence Sunday at Oakhill Park  
 11th Oct 11 Will you still Love me in the Morning (Ossy Players)  
 27th Aug 11 Colne Blues Festival 2011  
 18th Jun 11 Accrington Carnival 2011  
 24th May 11 Carnival Queen 2011  
 23rd Apr 11 Burnley Blues Fest 2011  
 12th Oct 10 Once a Catholic (Ossy Players)  
 28th Aug 10 Colne Blues Festival 2010  
 20th Apr 10 Nevilles Island By Ossy Players  
 3rd Apr 10 Burnley Blues Festival 2010  
 7th Mar 10 Accringtons Prophet Mohammed March  
 20th Nov 09 Boogie Nights FRI (Rehersal Part 1)  
 20th Nov 09 Boogie Nights FRI (Rehersal Part 2)  
 16th Nov 09 Boogie Nights MON (rehersal)  
 12th Oct 09 Dying Matters (PLAY) By Ossy Players  
 12th Oct 09 Dying Matters (PLAY) Bits n Bats  
 16th Aug 09 Hyndburn MELA (Part 1 of 2)  
 16th Aug 09 Hyndburn MELA (Part 2 of 2)  
 20th Jun 09 Accrington Carnival 09 (Procession)  
 20th Jun 09 Accrington Carnival 09 (Peel Park)  
 7th May 09 Accrington Carnival Queen  
 21st Apr 09 Time Murderer Please (Ossy Players)  
 10th Apr 09 Pickering C&W Nancy Ann Lee  
 10th Apr 09 Pickering C&W Music Festival  
 10th Apr 09 Pickering C&W Dirty Hat Band  
 24th Aug 08 Hyndburn Mela (Part 1 of 3)  
 24th Aug 08 Hyndburn Mela (Part 2 of 3)  
 24th Aug 08 Hyndburn Mela (Part 3 of 3)  
 15th Jun 08 Orchestral Manoeuvres in the (Rhyddings) Park  
 6th Apr 08 Prophet Mohammed Walk (Accrington)  
 24th Aug 07 Victor Michael (BTH Lounge Night) *  
 29th Jul 07 Hyndburn Mela 2007 Set 1 of 2  
 29th Jul 07 Hyndburn Mela 2007 Set 2 of 2  
 1st Jul 07 Crown pub Opening ceremony *  
 16th Jun 07 Accrington Carnival 07  
 25th May 07 Wrecked at the Whittakers Arms Accy  
 4th May 07 Accrington Carnival Queen 2007  
 19th Apr 07 The ATTIC Accrington  
 1st Apr 07 Prophet Mohammed Walk (Accrington)  
 13th Jan 07 Julies 40th at Stanley Sports Bar  
 28th Dec 06 Celtic Cross at Stanley Supp Club  
 19th Nov 06 Fashion Fabric Fun  
 26th Oct 06 Celtic Cross at Stanley  
 16th Oct 06 Road to Nowhere (Ossy Players)  
 6th Aug 06 Hyndburn Mela 2006  
 28th Jun 06 Foxhill Bank Oswaldtwistle  
 26th Mar 06 Rajesh and Varinder Wedding  
 2nd Dec 05 Vikki 30th (Lots of ASFC Staff)  
 7th Aug 05 Hyndburn Mela 2005  
 8th Jul 05 Hyndburn Hall of Fame  
 18th Jun 05 Accrington Carnival 2005  
 14th Jun 05 Accy Carnival Queen Contest  
 12th Apr 05 Gatty Park, Accrington  
 18th Nov 04 Accy Fireworks  
 8th Aug 04 Hyndburn Mela 2004  
 31st Jul 04 accyweb.com - Mick and Anne 50th  
 28th Jul 04 Royal Lancs Show (+ Mascot race)  
 3rd Jul 04 Hyndburn 30 Parade  
 14th Mar 04 Crown Inn 60s night  
 22nd Nov 03 Crown Inn 70s Night  
 21st Jun 03 Accrington Carnival 2003  
 26th May 03 Great Harwood Show